RAP Digital aims to rewrite the rule book on how to build lean, agile teams within established organizations, putting digital front and center.

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Discovering new opportunities for growth

The rapid change in market ecosystems and technologies opens up a lot of opportunities to better find and service clients.

We concentrate on digital products that address genuine customer demands, expand markets, and provide new revenue streams.

Breakthrough digital strategy is based on deep customer insights, sensitivity to current assets and operational implications, and the quick testing and evolution of concepts.

Creating the culture for innovation to thrive

We all know that digital transformation transforms a company for the better. People are more important than design or technology in the success of a product. Whether working with leadership to establish a vision for change or understanding the specifics of process flows around which software needs to fit, we expect to collaborate closely up, down, and throughout the business.

From customer insight to launch and scale

Our cross-functional teams specialize in consumer research and quick prototyping to put ideas to the test in the real world.

We’ve built a team of the sharpest product people, brilliant consultants with abilities and extensive expertise in numerous design disciplines, software engineering, and data science, digital strategy, and product management, over the previous decade.

Building digital product teams within established businesses

We have customised training programmes and a proven track record of hiring and developing teams that can expand and improve on what we’ve started.

If we believe that, in the future, every business will be a digital business – infused with digital and formed from it – then it follows that being able to create and manage your own digital products and services will become a basic competency of every scale business.